The Goal of Evolution Through Awareness is to provide information, service, insight, inspiration, motivation and awareness in order to facilitate positive change in one's Life. We all go through times of struggle throughout our lives and very few of us are able to truly break through our conditioned behaviours and negative habits. If you desire more in Life, if you think there is more out there for you, then I encourage you to follow Evolution Through Awareness. As it grows and changes, it is my wish that so shall you. 



Coaching and Training

Evolution Through Awareness offers a number of coaching and training options for both individuals and groups. There are a number of different training programs depending on the goals of the client. Although we offer standard one-on-one life coaching sessions for those who would like to experience life coaching without a greater commitment, we also provide coaching and training for individuals and groups in the following areas.

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My Approach

It is important to ensure clients are comfortable and happy to proceed with coaching and/or training prior to commencing. My goal is to not only help clients reach their goals and potential, but to also ensure that we achieve this outcome in a manner that is both enjoyable and effective. For one-on-on training we start with an initial and informal meet up where the client will have the opportunity to ask questions, share their thoughts and to decide whether they are happy to proceed. It is important to understand that although coaching is often structured to some degree it is also meant to be flexible and adaptable depending on the needs of the client and the outcomes of each session. Group training sessions generally adhere to a structured curriculum, but can be adjusted to meet the needs of clients for the purpose of providing an engaging and valuable service. ONLINE COACHING AVAILABLE

About Me








Ashley Killin

Qualified Life Coach Sydney

I am a qualified Life Coach, Personal Trainer and have studied Nutrition, as well as being an avid reader, student and researcher. I am also a veteran, author and speaker. I believe awareness has the power to change lives and shape the future for the betterment of all humankind.

We are all seeking the truth in life to one degree or another, trying to find the answers to the big questions and striving to make sense of the world we live in. For many years, I endured the negative outcomes of a behavioural cycle I had no awareness of. I lacked a sense of identity and meaning in my life, aimlessly navigating the vastness of life, whilst being at the mercy of the currents. I had no control, I let life condition and impose itself upon me, rather than casting it aside, empowered by a sense of purpose. After years of struggle I reached a pivotal moment in my life, either collapse under the weight or choose to fight back. This was my catalyst.

I believe there are many people who know there is more to life and the person they currently are. I have made it my purpose to develop and share the kind of awareness that can change lives, your life for the better. I am motivated to understand the nature of human beings and to find the most effective strategies to help improve mindset, health, motivation and success but to also provide an understanding of the world we live in.




“Awareness is the key to the door of potential”

'The Ultimate Self Development Book'

Evolution Through Awareness is an invaluable personal development resource that provides practical tools, awareness and knowledge to help you gain mastery of your brain and behaviour. This book encompasses several years of research and reflection and a lifetime of experience. If you are looking for the ultimate guide to self development, you have found it.