To change any aspect of our lives we have to first start with our Mind or Brain to be more precise. Self Mastery starts with the way we think and branches out into all other areas of life. 

New awareness has the power to provoke our thinking, alter our behaviour and change our lives dramatically in a positive manner.

Health & Wellbeing

Exercise, nutrition, general health and wellbeing are all significant aspects of our lives. Without our health we essentially have nothing, so it is important to understand what can improve or decrease our level of health.

What we eat is big business for some of the food giants. There has never been a time in history where we have had so many options for food. The choices and information out there is confusing and misleading at best. Navigating your way through all of this information can be difficult, which is why I have chosen to do it for you.

The Human body is designed to move, unfortunately in the modern era, it seems to be moving less and less. Exercise has become a chore for most people, a kind of unwanted task that they should be doing but seldom have the time to give the proper attention. Despite the numerous benefits, so many people struggle to find the time for exercise.


Life, the everyday sensory interactions between us, other people and the environment. How we think in relation to the world around us, what we can do to improve the society we live in, the social and economic systems and the health of this planet. The future is always finding its way to the present moment, but what kind of thinking and actions can create the kind of future we desire, as individuals and a species.

Control, Manipulation & Influence

Control, Manipulation and Influence; 3 separate but similar aspects of the human experience. This subject area has for the most part been greatly underestimated and ignored by the mainstream, with only notable researchers choosing to focus on these common aspects. The majority of human interaction is designed to have some sort of influence. Despite this being the case, our underlying motivations are seldom obvious and in most cases are difficult to recognise.

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