Behavioural Nutrition

A new approach to nutrition and weight loss

Behavioural Nutrition represents the new approach to diet, weight loss and positive nutritional habits. There is a sea of marketing in relation to nutrition that is somewhat misleading. People are overwhelmed with information and approaches that all claim to have the magic pill or quick solution to healthy eating and weight loss. But the simple truth often gets lost in all of the advertising and catchy ideas. The behavioural nutrition course follows a simple, but revolutionary idea- Your mind controls action and decision and therefore all the outcomes influenced by your actions and decisions.

Behavioural nutrition is comprised of 3 core areas-




This model is based on significant research and a great deal of experience acquired through a lifetime of exercise and nutritional experimentation. Simply telling someone to eat well and then providing them with a meal plan, which is full of foods they don’t like to eat is destined to fail. As is writing an exercise program, expecting a client to be consistent, when it is often confusing, repetitive and sometimes overwhelming. These approaches do work, but are often derailed by an unprepared mind that is programmed to resist and avoid the kind of things it doesn’t like nor enjoy. This is precisely why the behavioural nutrition approach works so well. It works with the person rather than against their natural tastes and inclinations. It supports the development of a new mindset that is prepared and ready to adopt the practices that will lead to healthy eating habits, weight loss and other nutritional goals.


Message from the Creator

I have exercised my entire life and have always been passionate about fitness. I have studied several nutrition courses and have trained many clients who have achieved great results. I have witnessed many different approaches and reflected upon the outcomes and effectiveness of each one. I have also developed a deep understanding of human behaviour in relation to healthy habits and mindset. This course is not based on the results of testing within a laboratory, but instead assessment of the evidence acquired through over 30 years of relevant experience. I truly believe the behavioural nutrition approach is the answer to all of your nutrition goals.

                                                                     Ashley Killin



What you will learn

Nutritional Goal setting

How perception influences decisions

How to prime healthy habits

How to create a personal healthy food list of food you actually like

The truth about diets

How to read and understand food labels quickly

The influence of misleading advertising on your decisions

How to reinforce healthy habits

Quick introduction to macro and micro nutrients

Alternative influences on weight loss

10 important health habits to create a powerful foundation