Powerful Habits for Success in Life

Transform your life with positive habits

95% of daily activity throughout your life is made up of unconscious behavior, which is primarily composed of habits. We unconsciously practice both positive and negative habits without conscious recognition, often unaware of the impact they may be having on our lives. The happiest and most successful people in the world are often so due to the nature of their habits being primarily positive. What if you could also harness the power of habit for your own benefit? What if you could integrate the kind of habits that would lead to great success in all areas of life? Wouldn’t you want to know how?

The Powerful habits for success training, is designed to empower your life through effective integration and consistent application of positive and empowering habits. You will learn how to build and maintain supportive habits while at the same time removing the negative and toxic habits from your life.


Core Areas-

> Habit introduction and theory

> The types of habit

> How to automate positive habits

> How to integrate positive habits

> How to remove unhelpful habits



The habit of success

Positive habits can be applied to any goal. They form the foundation of progress in life and have the potential to change your current trajectory significantly. No matter the level of success, every person has only 24 hours a day to and 168 hours a week to work with. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is often their daily habits.


Message from Creator

Welcome to the Master of Habit course. I am well aware of the power of habit having researched it significantly to support my individual growth and coaching practices. I have come to the understanding that successful and happy people are more often than not, the sum of their habits and in most cases their habits are overwhelmingly positive. Imagine the massive change you could create if you were able to integrate the same kind of habits. You would be able to advance in all areas of life and also support any action towards your identified goals. Positive habits will change your life.


                                                                                  Ashley Killin



What you will learn

Habits explained

How to automate your habits

The levels of consciousness

Why habits are vital for success

Making positive habits part of your identity

How to integrate positive habits and remove negative ones

The types of habit

How positive habits shift the direction of your life

How to manage habit relapse

Habits in different environments