Control, Manipulation and Influence

Awakening your awareness to narcissistic and abusive behaviour and learning how to overcome manipulation

Welcome to the Control, manipulation and Influence course. This course is one of the most unique courses you will encounter, but it is deceptively relevant and profound. Control, manipulation and influence starts from the moment a child is born into this world. It continues as we develop eventually becoming a constant aspect of our everyday existence. Control and manipulation occurs in relationships, is often used by the media, through misleading marketing and in our everyday interactions with other people. Many of the interactions you have are actually forms of manipulation, but you wont see it unless you have sufficient awareness. Partners, bosses, children, colleagues, the media and people all around you will communicate to you in a manner that ensures you will align to their will, desires, needs and expectations. Your mind is being shaped by the world around you every single day. In order to build the greatest level of awareness, it is essential that you learn to identify and deal with these kind of behaviours.

Core Areas-

> Foundations of Control, manipulation and influence

> Building awareness to overcome manipulation

> What makes people Vulnerable to manipulation

> What type of People manipulate others

> How to deal with a manipulator

> Strategies of manipulation

> Mass manipulation


Don’t continue to feel controlled or suffer under the weight of manipulative powers.

Narcissism has recently gained mainstream awareness due to its apparent prevalence. However, narcissism is often conflated and sometimes confused with controlling and manipulative people who are not actually narcissists. In many cases they are simply abusive and controlling people, sometimes friends, bosses and partners. At the societal level the control and manipulation reaches a greater capacity as powerful entities work to gain influence over your behaviour for profit and power. Overcoming these influences requires great awareness, but it is essential if we desire happiness, honest free will and individual agency.

Message from the creator

I would have never imagined just how prevalent controlling and manipulative people are and how frequently they feature throughout our lives. As I progressed on my quest for awareness I came to the realisation that control, manipulation and influence, in the negative sense, is actually anti-awareness and therefore poisonous to the person trying to build greater awareness in order to transform their life. I had a number of unfortunate experiences with manipulative people, which forced me to learn about narcissism, manipulation, toxic people and destructive behaviours. Control, manipulation and influence is all around us. It is in abusive people, toxic colleagues, marketing and advertising, the media and corrupt institutions. This course will open your mind to a covert world that is trying to control your very thoughts.


                                                                                  Ashley Killin


What you will learn

How common manipulation actually is and why it is absolutely vital that you know about it

Why people try to manipulate and control others

How to identify controlling and manipulative behaviour

What makes you vulnerable

The core strategies often used by controlling and abusive people

How to manage manipulative people and behaviours

Types of Mass manipulation

The many types of manipulative behaviour