Mastering Psychological Triggers

Triggers lead to avoidance and avoidance sabotages success

At first glance you might assume that Triggers have little relevance to success or happiness in life. The truth is, triggers may at this very moment be sabotaging the possibilities in your life beyond your awareness. Triggers are psychological pressure points that have been conditioned into us often beyond our awareness. Awareness of our internal triggers and how they influence our outcomes is absolutely essential if we are to overcome their negative influence. Triggers often lead to reduced mental health and are commonly connected to anxiety. By understanding your triggers you will gain the ability to transcend them to ensure the greatest possibility of success and happiness in your life.


Core Area

What are Triggers

How triggers sabotage success

Triggers and mental health

Biology of Triggers

How to manage your triggers

Developing awareness of your triggers.


How to make Triggers work in your favour

Triggers are not unlike habits, they can be both positive and negative. Triggers are the stimulus that precedes a habit, but a trigger is often considered to be uncontrollable, negative in effect and destructive to your goals. It is important to understand triggers and to also build awareness of your own triggers so you can remove the bad ones and maintain the good ones.


Message from the Creator

One of my main Triggers was failure and so to avoid this trigger I unconsciously developed avoidance behaviours. These behaviours ensured that I wouldn’t fail, but they also sabotaged any possibility to grow and advance in life. Imagine if I hadn’t been able to identify and overcome this trigger. What would have happened? I would be stuck in a cycle of anxiety and have not progressed towards any of my goals nor advanced further in life. This is how triggers may be influencing your life in a negative way. An essential component of self development is the ability to be aware of your triggers so you may overcome them.


                                                                                  Ashley Killin


What you will learn

What trigger are

The biology of a trigger

How triggers are developed

How the influence of negative triggers is greatly underestimated

How to identify triggers

How overcome difficult triggers

Examples of common triggers

Why triggers lead to negative and toxic patterns of behaviour

How emotional triggers may be destroying you happiness, potential and success in life