Coaching for Veterans

Supporting a positive transition in civilian life and helping defence members achieve their personal goals

Coaching for Veterans is a program that is designed to help Veterans navigate the civilian world especially during their transition from military service. Integration into civilian life particularly into careers can be difficult for veterans for a number of reasons.

  • Their skills are highly specialised and in some cases can be difficult to apply to civilian jobs

  • The military mindset is somewhat different, as is the culture

  • The nature of teamwork is slightly different in the civilian world.

  • Veterans are sometimes stigmatised due to mental health and inaccurate perceptions.

  • Veterans often have to start all over again in a time and stage of their life that is difficult to manage.

I personally experienced this challenging situation and endured many unforeseen pitfalls and struggles, which is precisely why I have created this program and offer a coaching service to help support a positive, adaptive and resilient mindset for Veterans.

The program and coaching is structured around creating a sense of balance in many different areas of life, but also setting achievable goals to provide a sense of purpose and direction. The program addresses the common challenges faced by veterans and supports positive growth in the following areas-

  • Health, fitness, nutrition and well-being

  • Building and maintaining healthy relationships

  • Family coaching during pre and post transition periods.

  • Mindset, how to develop and maintain a positive mindset.

  • Career identification. Helping veterans and defence members to identify and map out a suitable and meaningful career path.

  • Overcoming changing financial circumstances.

  • Providing guidance in relation to mental health services and support.



Message from the Creator

Having endured a particularly difficult transition myself I understand just how challenging it can be for some veterans. I honourably discharged in 2006 when there was little support and the five years post discharge were exceedingly difficult for me. I have the upmost respect and empathy for service men and women and aim to offer a supportive and practical coaching service.


                                                                                  Ashley Killin

(Defence personnel and Veterans receive a 25% reduction in service fee)



What you will learn

How to plan for exit from the Defence Force (for existing members)

The importance of maintaining a support network

How to manage your health and well-being after discharging

Relationship changes and expectations

How to identify the right career path

Overcoming self-defeating thoughts

How to overcome adversity and adapt to change

List of resources can you access