Welcome to the foundational Personal Development Course


Welcome to the Ultimate Awareness Program

The Ultimate Awareness program has been developed with the purpose of transforming lives. Based on several years of research, reflection and experience, this course will take you through the process of personal transformation step by step. By using the power of awareness you will learn how to create lasting change in your life by following the evolution through awareness process. You will also learn more about who you are, what you want out of life and how you can make any goal a reality

Why Awareness?

Ask yourself this question- Can you deliberately change something you aren't aware of?

  • You may be aware of the weight you want to lose but are you aware of why you haven't been able to lose it?

  • You may be aware of your lack of financial wealth but are you aware of the reasons behind your lack of wealth?

  • You may be aware of the lack of fulfillment and success in your life, but are you aware of why you are stuck in these circumstances?

  • You may be aware of the fact that your relationships haven't worked out but do you understand the cause behind it?

Awareness allows you to see what was previously unseen. This is why awareness is absolutely vital for anyone who wishes to change their circumstances, reach their goals and even transform who they are entirely.

What makes this program so effective?

The evolution through awareness approach to personal change and transformation was created over the course of a number of years. It was initially conceived from a period of personal struggle and eventually established and reinforced after years of application, integration, analysis and results.

I personally experienced a period of great struggle and hardship in my life and found myself stuck after leaving the military. Stuck how you ask? Well I was stuck in my  conditioned behaviour and the results of that behaviour. After many years of torment, I discovered the path to a better life, to a better mind, greater health and personal success, but it didn't happen overnight. In fact it took many years of effort, patience, error and success to transcend my conditioning and to understand how to transform a life. After my transformation I carefully analyzed the steps in the process and from that analysis I created the Evolution Through Awareness approach to personal development and transformation. 


The Evolution Through Awareness Personal Transformation program is based on years of experience, study, research and analysis and has been developed to be practical, logical, realistic and  powerful. The program has been broken down into an easy to follow sequence of practical steps, making the process more fluid, effective and easy to follow.


Orientate yourself to the present and understand what is and isn't working for you right now?


Learn how to prime your mind, making you more receptive to new information and potential in your life.


Cultivate an open mind, break common false beliefs, understand what creates change in ones life.


Learn how to overcome the greatest obstacle for anyone who wishes to changes and transform in a meaningful way.


Apply the 9 Keys to change and transformation. These keys form the foundation of your transformation and are absolutely essential.


Build effective habits, master your triggers, improve your motivation and learn to understand your own mind


Create your plan to ensure lasting improvement and evolution of self.

Whatever your Goal is, amplify your potential and the possibility of achieving it

Achieve your Goals

Weight Loss

Career Success

Health and Wellbeing

Creating wealth

Evolve your Thinking

Emotional Intelligence

Overall happiness

"Awareness is the Greatest agent for change"

           -Eckhart Tolle

If you have been struggling to change your circumstances, to achieve your goals or to shift your lifes trajectory, this program is for you.

Gain the clarity you want and need to create happiness, health and success in your life.