WWelcome to the Evolution Through Awareness Coaching page. If you have a goal or wish to to create a positive shift in your life you have come to the right place. If you are interested in booking a life coaching session or experiencing one of the more comprehensive transformational programs, take a look at what we offer below.

What is Life Coaching

Sometimes the path forward isn't always obvious so it helps to have a guide and support system to help along the way. This is where a life coach comes in. We often have the answers or at least the ability to uncover the answers for ourselves, but in many cases we lose focus and can end up confused about how to approach our goals. By enlisting the services and support of a qualified life coach you can greatly increase the possibilities in your life and completely shift the current trajectory, if that is what you so desire.

How Coaching can help you

We are all an expression of our individual conditioning. By the time we reach adulthood we are have been conditioned  and our fundamental programming has already been established. Some people are fortunate enough to have developed a positive program and system that functions well and has lead them where they currently are in life. For others however, the program isn't quite right and could use some tweaking. A life coach can help you uncover and transcend the gaps left over from your earlier conditioning.

If you are looking for an overall personal development approach and simply wish to achieve a goal, a Life Coach may be the difference between success and endless procrastination.

The Evolution Through Awareness Approach

The Evolution Through Awareness approach consists of a number of intertwining aspects such as-

  • Habit Creation

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Goal Setting

  • Neuroscience

  • Standard Coaching

  • Awareness Coaching

  • NLP

  • and the Evolution Through Awareness system

Sometimes a standard coaching session is more than sufficient to support someone in achieving their goals but in many cases it takes more than that. The human mind is complex and as individuals we are unique so it makes sense to have access to as many tools as necessary to achieve your desired outcome.

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