It starts with a vision

To know what you want, see it in your mind first. One of the benefits to being human is the ability to imagine. We are able to create images, ideas and visions that are yet to exist. Our imagination allows us to see beyond reality and circumstance, to see something different. You may have an idea or be at a point in your life where you want to make changes. Maybe these changes are small or maybe they are epic, either way it helps to be able to see the end result in your mind first.

The reason this is so important and such an amazing power to have, is because a powerful vision has the ability to fuel your drive towards a desired outcome. Creating a Vision, that you have invested emotion into, will allow you to endure things you wouldn’t have thought you could handle before. With a powerful enough vision you will be able to climb back up again and again after being knocked down. For some, a vision can seem like something that isn't very important. There are many people who would look at your vision as if it is a dream, due to the close relation of these two words. Dreams unfortunately have been given the stigma of being out of this world, unrealistic and impossible, when relating them to a real life goal or outcome. Many people will project their lack of creativity and vision by telling you that what you are thinking is just a silly dream. Maybe they will say, be realistic and forget it because it is too hard. The people who say these kinds of things have lost the ability to believe in something bigger and better for themselves, denying the possibilities that exist for all of us. We aren’t always guaranteed of reaching our goals and fulfilling dreams or visions but there is absolutely no possibility of them coming true if we stop believing and don’t even try.

Why visions are so powerful?

Firstly they are only limited by our imagination and belief in what is possible for us. How many devices, programs, ideas, inventions or major breakthroughs have been created because somebody had a vision that went beyond reality. The true power of a vision is in its ability to create a higher emotional state. These higher states are what pull people towards the life, fulfillment and success they believe they can obtain. Think about it, you have dreams and sometimes nightmares don’t you? Did they elicit an emotion from you? Did you ever wake up, sweating or breathing heavily? Did you feel fear and like what you were dreaming seemed so real?

A vision has similar power.

Imagine dreaming a good dream and gaining the positive emotions around that dream everyday. Wouldn’t that be empowering or motivating to you? Your vision is the fuel for your own personal journey. Fuel that can be topped up everyday or whenever you need it, just by thinking about it.

If you want something in life, start with a Vision. If you feel that deep down there is more out there for you, that you haven’t reached your full potential and you are capable of more, then start your journey now by creating that vision. You can start by asking questions of yourself and then visualizing the answer to those questions.

  1. What do you want your perfect life to look like?

  2. How do people see you?

  3. What kind of work do you do?

  4. How much money do you have?

  5. How does your body look?

  6. What kind of partner do you want to end up with?

  7. Where do you live?

See your vision in your mind. Take the time to pin down the images that first arise and commit them to your memory. Once an image or movie has become vivid enough in your mind you will be able to bring it back to see it each time you think about who, where and what you want to be. Be very specific; don’t just say I want money, think of how much, how will it feel to spend it, what will the house you buy look like and what words would people use to describe the perfect me.

Once you have created this Vision, start working back from it to the present moment. Think about your vision, your bigger goals, then smaller goals and then the everyday habits you would need to implement in order to start this journey. You may be unsure at first, but the end vision can still remain whilst you create the right steps to get there.

Why not take a chance to create your own Vision, the vision of your perfect future and self. There are many forms of escapism, drugs, television, video games, overworking, alcohol, overeating and more. If you are willing to escape via these means then surely you can put some time in, to escape into something positive and worth thinking about. That is your Vision.

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