Caveman Consciousness- is this you?

Do you ever, gamble, get upset, feel angry, react badly, eat too much, drink too much, smoke but want to quit, feel fear, anxiety or depression, complain, procrastinate, avoid exercise, stay up too late, quit goals and just make bad decisions in general.

If you answered yes to any of the above or know you are guilty of doing something similar, I have a question for you.

Who is in control of your Brain? You or your Brain?

Im sure if I asked most people this question they would most likely say, that they are in control of course. What a silly question. Well, if you are in control, then why would you do certain things that you wish you didn’t? Why don’t you change some of your personal habits that you don’t like? Why have you done things you know you shouldn’t have in the past?

We believe we are in control, full control, but if that were the case, we probably wouldn’t feel, act or do many things we wished we didn’t or hadn’t done. This may sound crazy because it’s you right? How could you not be in charge of yourself?

Let me tell you, you may control a lot of what goes on, but I can guarantee that your Brain has more control than you realize.

Although it may not feel like it, most of what we do is to an extent unconscious thought and action. We just do what we have always done, with little thought to how it happens. The more we do something the more we get lost in the automatic programming. This is a function of our Brain, that is actually meant to be helpful to us. Who really wants to concentrate so hard on the menial tasks and basic everyday things. It would probably feel like a waste of time and take a lot of energy.

When we have more control we are more conscious, when we have less we are more unconscious.

Here is a basic diagram of how your conscious spectrum might look.

(Where do you sit on the spectrum?)


Caveman Average Person Dalai Lama

At one end you have unconscious thought and action. The closer to the unconscious end you are, the more automatic and out of true control your life is. You are like a caveman, relying on basic primal instincts, basic reflexes and actions. You have developed a kind of personal neurosis that runs your life and existence. Rarely do people look past this because they are either happy, believe what they are doing is working for them or they simply don’t know any better.

If you are at the other end, the conscious end then you are more likely to be the Dalai Lama. Having this level on consciousness means you are more willing to think past the immediate, you are more likely open-minded, you prefer to analyse yourself and your experiences throughout your life rather than simply react.

The difference between the Caveman and the Dalai Lama (other than the obvious), is the level of control they both have on their Brains. A higher level of Brain and Mind control, means a higher level of control in ones life. I don’t mean control of the aspects that are out of our control, but instead control of your inner self. This is a truly powerful state to be in.

Whereas, the caveman’s level of consciousness is highly reactionary, probably not entirely, but at least to a greater extent. When a caveman gets hungry, he goes hunting, when he needs water, he goes and finds some, when he is angry he reacts and so on.

Why is this important to know? I would hope that if you realized that you weren’t in total control of your own Brain, if you didn’t have the complete users manual, then surely you would want to at least find a few of the missing pages. A lack of control puts you at the mercy of the outer world and the inner world based on your life’s programming.

If you want more control of any of the things mentioned in the first few lines of this article then you need to think about how you can gain some more control of the computer in your head.

Here are a few things that you can do to gain more understanding of your Brain and Conscious thought.

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Exercise and eat well

  • Read and learn. This can be anything to do with life in general or the world. Not including news and tabloid rubbish.

  • Read books like, The Power of Now, The Brain That Changes Itself, Breaking the Habit of being Yourself, The Mind Made Prison.

  • Travel and experience real life around the world.

  • Gain perspective of life.

  • Think behind your reactions. They usually run several layers deep.

  • Find out about yourself using any method you identify with.

Knowing that your Mind/Brain is an entity in itself, I hope you take the time to understand how it works both generally and personally. In a sense YOU are your Brain and Mind, therefore having less control, awareness or understanding of both, means less control of yourself and your life.