The Best Diet

There are numerous diets out there, so knowing which diet is actually the best can be very difficult. There is a simple reason for this,


So what is a diet? The definition of Diet is- 'the act of restricting your food intake of particular foods'

I'm sure you have probably seen ratings, marketing, endorsements, scientific statistical data and a tonne of promotion of certain diets, which will all try to get you to believe that their diet is the best and only choice. Most diets out there have a purpose such as weight loss or lowering cholesterol, but some are simply a lifestyle approach that people can adopt. There are pros and cons for every diet, which makes it difficult to determine which is best. Some people will promote and some will criticize, either way it doesn't matter.

We are all individuals with individual needs and this is also true of the food we eat. To stay healthy our body needs the right balance of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins and Minerals. It is hard to say which diet is the best, because as individuals, we not only have individual requirements, but also individual restrictions, such as allergies and other health conditions.

So what should you eat? The majority of research points to a well balanced diet with very little processing involved. Of course if you have any restrictions such as allergies or other health conditions, you should adhere to the associated recommendations and if you are not sure, it is best to see your relevant health professional to be tested. Some people will argue that whole food lacks nutrients due to soil degradation and also that chemicals are often used, even with organic food. These people will rarely, if ever, offer a solution, so instead of listening to this criticism, we simply make the best choice we can with the options we have.

We will go into further detail of individual foods and how they can be harmful or beneficial in future articles. Until then, do your research, see a relevant health professional, eat a balanced diet, avoid the obvious bad foods (as often as you can anyway), eat whole or organic foods and avoid excess of anything. There is much to learn about food and how it effects your body, so be flexible and in time you will reach a point of relative contentment with what you eat.