Building Powerful Habits Part 1

You have 24hrs each and every day, to experience the present and to shape the future. Unfortunately life is full of numerous distractions, which demand our attention and on top of that, we are working with a brain that has its own agenda. Conscious thought is fleeting at best, meaning we can only hold our attention and focus for a very short time. This kind of focus is highly demanding and requires a lot of energy to maintain, which is why it only accounts for a small amount of daily usage as opposed to unconscious thought, which dominates most of our daily interactions and behaviours. Unconscious thought is the brains autopilot, making tasks that were originally demanding, easy, organic and automatic.

What is the importance of conscious vs unconscious thought, action and behaviour?

We develop Habits using conscious focus, once we have developed these habits, it is our unconscious mind which puts the habits into practice automatically. This is the power of Habit. Once a Habit has been sufficiently developed, it will not only become part of your routine, but also be put into action without the effort of conscious thought. Imagine if you could develop the kind of Habits which support a positive and progressive routine, moving you forward in life rapidly and efficiently. It may be true that developing Habits takes willpower and effort, but once they have been developed, you establish a new baseline to advance further.

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Building Powerful Habits Part 2- Part II of this subject will explain how habits work in relation to brain function and how that relates to real world activities.

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