Health The Natural Way- Part 1

When we are unwell the natural response is to go to the Doctor to get some medication, but should that be our first thought and what about prevention, is there a way to avoid getting sick in the first place?

Something I have noticed over the years is how people living a healthy lifestyle, are rarely sick or ill and not only that, they tend to recover much faster than others with less healthy lifestyles. Why is this the case? What are these people doing differently that keeps them in good all-round condition? Preventing poor health and treating illness doesn't necessarily require a pharmaceutical approach in many cases, there are alternatives. Fortunately some medical practitioners are starting to discourage the use of drugs to treat many common illnesses, instead encouraging a more natural approach to prevention and treatment. This is the beginning of an evolution in medicine, as medicine has for many years been all about tablets, pills and pharmaceutical drugs, while the natural alternative had been neglected or seen as ineffective.

The more natural approach to health has recently regained momentum and has started to move towards mainstream, particularly in the area of prevention. Medicine has a long history, which is full of archaic and horrific medical practices, however history also contains valuable insight into health and medicine, particularly natural medicine. We exist in a time where technology and research has allowed us to distinguish between the medical practices from the past that were horribly wrong and the ones that have significant merit even in the present era.

This article isn't about bashing modern medicine or promoting anti-vaxxing, nor is it about avoiding treatments relevant to specific illnesses, but rather an opportunity to provide another valid viewpoint and alternative to traditional, pharmaceutical based prevention and treatment.

Some vaccines have changed history for the human race and there have been amazing advances in modern medicine, but as usual, money has muddied the waters. Money has influence, even over the seemingly incorruptible, such as science and medicine; which is why it is necessary to consider your approach based on research and advice. Consider for a minute, the significant number of tablets, pills and drugs some people are prescribed for problems they could improve and cure through simple lifestyle changes. Do the people in all of these cases really require so many pills and do they receive advice that would help to improve their condition enough to get off the medication? In many cases the answer is yes, but you could almost be certain that in a number of cases the answer would be No.

So what is the natural approach to health and what changes can be made to help prevent common health issues?

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Health The Natural Way- Part II

All the practical steps and tips you need to know to improve your health the natural way.

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