Celebrities- The False Idols

We have become obsessed with Celebrities in the present era. There are so many News and general gossip related television shows that continually focus on celebrities and their lives. As a species, we have to do away with this incessant focus on celebrities and avoid looking at them with idolistic admiration.

The news media constantly refers to celebrities as Stars and VIPs, suggesting that their life is somehow worth more than the life of the average person on the street. With this suggestion comes a wave of false inference, pointing to celebrities as givers of truth, royalty, trend setters, leaders, voices of reason, knowledge and wisdom and the idea that they should be revered for more than their talents. But this is wildly misleading and stifling to the evolution of the human race and not only that, appears to deny the individualistic nature of many people. Rather than forming opinions and developing character through a more organic and natural process, the media shoves the lives of celebrities down our throats to the extent that people want to be just like them, instead of finding out who they truly are as a person through a more natural process. In extreme cases, people have gone to great lengths, even undergoing massive physical transformations through surgery, in an attempt to like like their idol.

Now don't get me wrong, some celebrities are intelligent, informed, kind, courageous, generous, modest and an asset to the human race, but many are simply divas, narcissists, ego maniacs and ignorant people, spouting rubbish and behaving in a controversial manner to maintain media interest. I am not suggesting they are not successful within their field, but instead highlighting the lack of true depth and substance in what they have to offer as far as directing the future of the human race. The unfortunate thing is, many celebrities may not want the attention the media gives them, so the media are as much to blame if not more so than the celebrities themselves.

Instead of focusing so heavily on celebrities walking down a red carpet, the media could shift the focus to people who are doing amazing things in this world, truly amazing things. Rather than talking about who made the shoes they are wearing, who they have been having sex with, what surgery they may have had and all of that rubbish, why not focus on people who are making a positive difference to their communities, making new discoveries through research and helping others. Why not focus on people who are actually wise, knowledgeable and informed, rather than listening to a loud mouth celebrity carrying on about politics or something else they know very little about. In many cases these celebrities are disconnected from the people on the street, yet they have the greatest access to the media, the most engaging platforms and are backed by significant wealth.

If you want to be a singer or actor/actress, then admiring these celebrities for their talent and skill is absolutely fine, but seeing them for more than what they truly are will likely result in a misinformed opinion and vicarious approach to life.

If we want to create a better world we need to be able to distinguish between true idols, philosophers, leaders, people worth following or listening to and celebrities who are simply talented in their chosen field. Choose to be yourself, form your own opinions, select your idols wisely and avoid being caught up with celebrity controversy and media scandal, it truly is a waste of time.

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