Is Your Fridge Healthy?

It only takes a glance to identify whether someone is nutritionally healthy or unhealthy, based on the contents of their fridge. A healthy fridge is full of whole food with a variety of colour and very little packaging in sight. An unhealthy fridge is full of packaging, brand names, there may be some colour in the form of labeling and in some cases the look of the total contents can resemble garbage.

It isn't just about your fridge, but your pantry and entire kitchen. The visual aspect of a healthy or unhealthy food storage area can be quite powerful in the sense that it is immediately obvious to the eye. It feels healthy to have a fridge full of healthy food and that feeling can have influence over your decisions and state of mind. Part of being healthy is being able to manage your nutritional habits, one of those habits is maintaining the healthy visual aspect of your fridge.

Think of your fridge and pantry as your own body, as they are highly representative of your nutritional health, considering both contain all of the food ingested in your household. The food you store in your kitchen, will eventually find its way into your system and the type of food you fill your storage space up with will determine your own health.

This is a simple concept, but one that can be very useful. Take a glance at your fridge now and ask yourself, is my fridge healthy and clean or is it unhealthy, sick and dirty, the answer will almost certainly correspond with your own nutritional health.

Unhealthy Fridge

Unhealthy Fridge