Coaching & Mentoring

I often hear people say that they are confused about what they want in life, they don't know what to do or how to do it and are often apprehensive to even take one step forward because of the doubt in their mind.

If you want to make positive changes in your life or to transform it completely, it is important to utilise any strategy available. Enlisting the help of a Life Coach or Mentor may be the difference between confusion and procrastination and clarity and progression. As a resource, a Coach or Mentor may prove to be invaluable on your journey forward into the unknown.

Life Coaches have become more common in recent years. One of the most well known Life Coaches is Tony Robbins. Although he may claim a different title, he is essentially a life coach who has specialised into his own area with his own approach. Life Coaches can be general or specialised, meaning they may choose to work on any issue or goal, or specialise in a particular area. Specialist coaches may focus on areas such as, relationships, business, health, employment and spirituality, channeling their skill set for greater effect.

Life Coaches usually work externally from a particular goal, meaning they may have subject matter knowledge and experience, but are personally disconnected from the individual being coached.

Mentors in most cases have some sort of relationship to the individual being mentored. They may be a relative, friend or colleague, but in most cases they will be a leader, manager or person higher in the associated hierarchy. A mentor usually has direct subject experience having gained a high degree of success in their life already. A mentor will use the platform of their success and experience in order to mentor their student. This is highly advantageous, as a student or apprentice will learn from the past mistakes the mentor may have made and will progress rapidly, as they will not have to learn every aspect of their vocation without support, thus streamlining the process.

Both Coaches and Mentors can make a sufficient difference to the possibilities in your life and the progress you make. By providing direct support, oversight and guidance, you will often expedite your progress forward significantly. Of course just like any profession it is important to find the right Coach or Mentor, as all have different levels of experience and knowledge.

If you are looking for resources to support your progress forward, a Life Coach or Mentor will almost certainly provide a positive and effective foundation.