Playing The Odds

Life and certain aspects within life are to some extent a game of chance. There are many people seeking change in their lives, but they don't even make the effort to stack the odds in their favour.

What are the odds that you will meet the perfect person for you- when you choose to stay at home alone, never socialising or taking any risks.

What are the odds that you will get the perfect career or any job for that matter- when you barely try to advance or make any decisions for your future.

What are the odds of you losing weight- if you eat unhealthy food 90% of the time.

It seems so simple right? do more of the things that will move you closer

to your goals and less of the things that tend to leave you stagnant or barely moving forward. The truth is- it is Simple!!! There are however, some considerations to make when stacking the odds in your favour.

Quantity over Quality. Which is best?

Well in my opinion, they are both important. It may be good to send 1000 resumes out a day, but if they are poorly done or you don't have anything relevant in them, then how much will they help.

So you want to meet your ideal partner, but you never make the effort to maintain your own physical condition, immediately decreasing your odds. It may be a good thing to have the confidence to go up to the most attractive person in a group and ask them if they are interested, but wouldn't the odds be better if you put the time in, to help you shine without having to force it.

Maybe you want to train for a marathon, but you train too often and end up injured, you miss the event and all the training was for nothing.

You can see that stacking the odds in your favour isn't simply a numbers game or a matter of frequency, but instead requires a well thought out plan that takes into account not only quantity, but quality also.

A point to remember- You will fail 100% of the things you don't attempt.

Another aspect is accepting the process and having the patience and strength to deal with 'unsuccessful outcomes'. You may apply for thousands of jobs without success or meet many people, but never get a date or maybe you only manage to quit smoking for a day before relapsing, it happens. The important thing to remember is, each of these outcomes will bring you closer to your goal, if you are truly consciously and deliberately increasing the odds in your favour. It is all practice for your mind and body. Accept that it may take time.

The last point I would like to make is- don't be hard on yourself. Would you rather get a job immediately, but a job that you totally hate and end up quitting almost immediately. Would you like to meet a potential partner in a hurry, dating just once, only to never hear from them again. This route can end up a worse, rather than simply choosing to be patient. Although constant rejection hurts, expending energy on numerous failures can also be draining. You are who you are and there are careers, people and aspects of life that relate to and match you as an individual. Sometimes it isn't because you aren't trying hard enough or that you are doing things wrong. Some things aren't meant to be, while other things are better suited to us as individuals. The process is partially organic.

The point to remember is to keep trying, move forward, stack the odds in your favour, whether it be through quality, quantity or both, accept the process and be patient for the right match. The only other thing I will say is, be ready to embrace the right match when it appears because it may not come around again for some time.