How To Lose Weight Fast

Lets dive straight into the tips.

  1. Drink water and only water. If you are serious about dropping the kilos, drinking water and nothing else will make a dramatic difference. Soft drink, alcohol, sweet drinks and juices will not help. Some milk and healthy smoothies may be necessary depending on your individual dietary needs, but should be reduced as much as possible.

  2. Get sufficient sleep. Poor sleep can lead to a number of problems. When we are tired we often make poor food choices, feel hungrier and our body doesn’t work to it optimum level.

  3. Enlist help from a buddy. Having an healthy eating and exercise buddy can help. When one of you needs the extra push, the other can do the pushing. Your choice of buddy is important.

  4. Get a trainer. A good Personal Trainer can make a huge difference. It is important that they are good and know their stuff. A good trainer will make you accountable, push you harder, smarter and further.

  5. Lower sugar and Carbs. I refer to sugar and carbs separately as that is how most people understand them, despite sugar being a type of carbohydrate. Sugar and carbs are largely responsible for weight gain and will make it very hard to lose weight if they are not reduced significantly.

  6. Eat Paleo with reduced meat intake. The Paleo diet will keep you on the path of real food. Focus on greens in particular and reduce your meat consumption.

  7. Use smaller plates. It may not seem like a big deal, but studies have shown an obvious relationship between smaller plates and smaller portions. Smaller portions means less calories

  8. Exercise. Again an obvious one. Even walking a reasonable distance will make a huge difference.

  9. Don’t eat out. Eating out often results in more calories and less healthy food options. This might mean preparing food for the day and taking it with you.

  10. Meal replacement shakes. I generally don’t like suggesting this option as for most people it is generally a short term solution at best, but I have seen it work well for a few people.

  11. Don’t do what you have always done. Following the same routine and habits will lead to the same results. You cannot expect different results by doing what you have always done.

  12. Set a fitness goal. Having an actual goal ,such as running a marathon, can really help when trying to motivate yourself.

  13. Most importantly, be honest with yourself. I hate to say it, but after working for years as a Personal Trainer, I can tell you that people often lie to themselves. I often asked clients what exercise they were doing and how they were eating and they would lie to me all the time. How did I know they were lying, I have enough experience to know what works and when someone is lying to protect their emotional state. Just be real with yourself and don’t deny the truth or your actions.

  14. Lastly, Goodluck