The Rise of Victimhood Culture Part II - The Illusion of Progress

One of the odd things about Victimhood culture is that it is often born out of a desire to change the world around the individual perpetuating the culture in question. This basically means, an individual or group hope to change a set of circumstances based solely on complaining, protesting and whinging. They look at a problem, incorrectly analyse it and form a solution, which often happens to be emotional outrage with little to no substance or depth to it.

This outrage is perpetuated further by an agenda driven media system, which then results in an illusion of progress based on attention and noise. This isn't to say that protesting never achieves anything nor I am suggesting there aren't legitimate reasons to be emotional and frustrated with the state of the world. The problem lies in the fact that this particular culture appears to offer nothing more than an often corrupted, ignorant and manipulated voice. What defines progress within a victimhood cause is the legitimacy of the cause. When a cause is legitimate, it does not require any great effort to muster great numbers of people to support the cause. It doesn't need media driven lies or falsehoods to further the cause or idea of the existence of a particular problem. Legitimate issues will always catch the attention of the larger population, particularly in developed countries who have an interest in righting past wrongs. This isn't to imply guilt for the past, but to acknowledge the problems created by past culture and outdated thinking.

The illusion of progress stemming from victimhood culture is extremely misleading and often ends up becoming toxic. Take for instance the current state of U.S politics. Many people outwardly express their dislike for Donald Trump. This is absolutely fine, as they do not have to agree with the leadership. However, some of the most vocal and outraged people tend to be the most uninformed and ignorant. They may have their hearts in the right place, but their mind is miles behind. What has come of this political division, is the conflated idea that if you voted for Trump, then based on the labels the media have plastered all over Trumps name, such as racist, white supremacists etc, you are immediately guilty by association. Once you are found guilty by association you are also labelled in the same way. The label of racist and white supremacist carries a great deal of historical discontent and anger behind it, which in the eyes of the people throwing these labels, is grounds to commit physical violence against the so called bigots within the Republican party.

Another issue from the victimhood culture is the division created within the education system. Free speech has come under attack and almost anything appears to be labeled hate speech in this day and age. If someone happens to disagree with this particular ideology, they are again labelled as bigots and driven out by mobs. Disagreement has now devolved into rage and bullying rather, than discussion. Non-acceptance of other points of view, as well as misleading labels, is destroying historical truths, manipulating facts into falsehoods, ruining friendships, tarnishing reputations, creating false guilt, perpetuating lies, encouraging violence and breaking down the very fabric of society. Civility, patience and common decency are values discouraged by victimhood culture through the very actions demonstrated within this culture.

One must ask them self- is this what progress looks like?

Is it progress to-

  • attack people who simply disagree with you,

  • deny historical facts

  • make amends for the wrongdoings of past no matter how far back we must go, even when it means discriminating against a different group

  • support equality of one group by destroying it for another

  • cry about problems, but seldom offer solutions

  • not accept the struggles common to all people and to take them as personal attacks

  • teach through manipulation and control of information

  • implant lies and guilt into innocent impressionable minds

  • slander and bully others

  • label people we do not know anything about

  • take our opinions and ideas from the media

  • believe everything at face value

The above points represent regression of evolution not progression. We are meant to fix problems by addressing them with solutions, treat people based on their individual character, discuss differing points of view, teach knowledge and fact no matter how uncomfortable, question all sources of information and work towards an inclusive and fair future for all people.

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