The Poison Of Negativity

Over recent decades there has been a softening of resilience, which has slowly permeated modern society particularly within developed countries. Resilience and fortitude have been replaced by sensitivity, entitlement, dependence, weakness and vulnerability. This has had the knock-on effect of diminishing the ability of the individual to cope with adversity throughout their lives. Rather than becoming more knowledgeable, calm, enlightened, aware, empowered, in control and positive, it seems many are heading in the opposite direction. The inability to accept the obstacles, sacrifices, struggles, suffering and challenges of life, has transformed people into victims, martyrs, broken souls and negative thinkers. This isn't to say that life won't get you down sometimes, or that you won't feel stress, anxiety or pain, but when you experience it constantly to the point that you appear to be seeking out the bad in every situation in order to experience the associated negative effects, then you have a real problem. Negative people have a tendency to consistently look for the negative and dismiss the positive. They perpetuate a poisonous and toxic existence, which has a ripple effect on the people around them and their immediate environment. They send out waves of negative energy which seeps into the minds of others, slowly breaking them down and changing them into shells of their former selves. Negative people find a problem in everything and they love to express their opinions and thoughts on their problems to others. They seek to enlist support for their point of view, looking to have it reinforced further establishing their problem as truth and reality, when in fact they are often wrong. A problem for one person may be nothing to another. A negative experience for one, may be a positive for another. The mind sets the tone of the experience, so if you want to feel bad about something or someone, you will always find a way to do so, and vice versa. A negative mind is toxic in effect, it discourages effort, responsibility, forgiveness and solution based thinking. A negative mind can also potentially influence the physical health of an individual. This would seem evident in the placebo effect, as a positive mind has the capacity to heal, it would appear the very opposite of a negative mind may also be true.

The sad thing about negative people, is that they destroy the very environment they live in. Negativity wears down partners, friend and family to the point that they avoid being around the negative person. It can create conflict and arguments, which simply have no substance or reason for being. Negative people have a diminished ability to achieve and get things done. A negative mind is a mind full of excuses, complaints, problems and issues. Negativity encourages hate and division between people, which can lead to violence and even war. Negativity is like poison being sprayed indiscriminately in a garden, killing and degrading everything it touches. It is a truly horrible and regressive aspect of human behavior. A negative person seeks evidence to support their negative mind and will find the bad in every situation.

So if you think this may be you or someone you know, what can you do about the negativity in your life?

  1. Acknowledge your behaviour- If you have no awareness of your negativity and cannot accept it, then you will have very little chance to improve.

  2. Tune in to your confirmation bias- Negative people always find the bad in every situation. It's called confirmation bias. If a situation can be interpreted in any way as negative, the negative person will find it. At the time they think they have a valid point, but they are in-fact destroying themselves slowly as well as the people and environment around them.

  3. Always find the positive- Following on from the confirmation bias point, it is vital that you always seek the positive. Look beyond your immediate reactions, choose to forgive, to be understanding and to believe there may be an unforeseen reasons for circumstances.

  4. Stop judging harshly- Negative people are harsh judges, they often believe there to be some ill will, or bad intent on the part of others. They make people their enemies by warping reality and fabricating false truths. They are character assassins who will find ways to cast a shadow even over the most decent and kind people.

  5. Remove yourself- If the negative energy is coming from someone within your environment then you have to make a tough choice. Either maintain your relationship or get out. If you choose to maintain the relationship then be prepared for a battle because the negative person will seldom want to change the way they behave or think. You may end up breaking down to the point that you simply have to walk away for your health and the sake of your own life.

  6. Get away from your brain- If you are negative, it is because you have been hardwired to be like that. In this case, you will almost certainly succumb to your negative preconditioning if you do not find a way to engage and distract yourself. Socialising, engaging in hobbies, learning and other activities can be helpful in keeping you away from you own inner negative thoughts. Being alone, in a quiet house with nothing but your thoughts, is a very bad idea for a person who has a negatively programmed brain.

  7. Stop dismissing the positive- One of the most frustrating aspects of negative people is the fact that they tend to dismiss the positive. They are unreasonable and even ignorant to the point that a reasonable and valid point will simply be deflected to protect their flawed thinking and arguments. Trying to discuss an issue with a negative person can be seemingly impossible at times and will erode the positive relationship you may have with them, until it is completely destroyed.

  8. Negativity can destroy a life- This statement and point may seem extreme, but it is in fact a potential reality for negative people and those closest to them. Negativity is essentially perception. If perception is always negative, then the world will always appear to be dark and evil. The lens and filter that influences negative perception changes the way the individual experiences the world. While some people are seeing sunshine and rainbows, the negative mind only sees, darkness. This kind of perception borders on mental illness and can even lead to suicide due to the individuals developed perception causing significant anxiety and depression in their life. At this point, therapy should be a consideration.

Negativity is a normal part of human behaviour, but just know, it will not serve you in any way other than poisoning your inner world, which in turn will corrupt and destroy your outer world. You may choose to hold on to your negativity and dismiss all the points within this article, but if you make this choice, be prepared for a life of suffering. Try being positive as often as possible, it will only make your life better.

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