Choose The Behaviour, Choose The Consequence

If you commit a crime you can almost guarantee that at some point there will be a consequence for your actions. But crime isn't the only thing with consequences. All behaviour, action or inaction has consequences.

  • Eat too much unhealthy food- get fat

  • Commit a crime- go to jail

  • Start a fight- possibly get hurt

  • Get too much sun- get burnt

  • Behave poorly- lose respect

No matter what the behaviour, there will be a consequence. The crazy thing is, most people don't seem to be conscious of where their actions will take them. Think about what you do everyday, the habits you have, your routine, what you eat, how you think etc. Accept in this moment, that everything you do and think does have a result. Although you may not see the result for some time, the consequence of today's actions are coming for you in the future. It's a simple concept, yet most people seem to ignore this rule. Life can be extremely unforgiving for those who choose to close their mind off, repeating the same behaviour over and over, even though it has never lead anywhere positive.

Yes, it is a choice. Everything we do is a choice, that we either consciously or unconsciously make, and then maintain through action or inaction.

Consider your life in the present. One could assume that the majority of your day to day actions are routine, habitual and predictable. These actions form the foundation of your experience and are largely responsible for the quality of your existence. The questions you must ask yourself, with absolute honesty are-

  • Are my actions, particularly those which form the base of my experience, leading to positive results, or negative results?

  • Is my routine behaviour progressive or regressive?

  • What kind of future will manifest based on my present actions?

Take the time to consider these questions and your answers to each question carefully. It can be difficult for human beings to really comprehend the potential of individual actions, especially actions that at first glance, appear to be trivial and unimportant. A single poor choice on its own may seem inert, irrelevant and insignificant, however beyond this superficial level of awareness belies a hidden truth. Individual actions, behaviours and decisions over time, eventually come to significance by way of accumulation. You must draw your attention to this fact and heighten your awareness, connecting a greater level of consciousness to each and every move you make. Like a master chess player, you must anticipate how one move early in the game, although seemingly insignificant and ineffective at the time, can lead to victory and success several moves later.

If you want to change your life and the experiences in it, you must accept that what you choose to do or not do today has a result. Do not make the mistake of viewing seemingly trivial and insignificant decisions as inert or of little consequence. Eventually consistent and repetitive actions will manifest as an outcome.

The question is- will it be the result you desire or will it send you down the wrong path even further. Make the choice today to take responsibility for your life, your behaviour and your actions.