Strip away the Inessentials

We are essentially statues, sculptures, an individual masterpiece waiting the be carved into existence, yet in most cases we remain hidden, our true essence never seeing the light of day. True meaning in life, in my opinion, should be meaning itself and individual authenticity. Contrary to what the obvious assumption might be, we do not always find meaning and authenticity by adding progressive elements to the nature of our being, but rather through stripping away the inessentials. We are conditioned throughout our lives, nature vs nurture, but in many cases this proves to be more of a burden than it is a gift. Our individual conditioning becomes the rough edges, the cracks, the excess stone that engulfs the pure nature of every individual. The need to conform, to fit in, to gain acknowledgement and to feel validated, distracts from our true nature and meaning in life. We instead find meaning in the group, validation from others, and purpose in a collective cause, but all of this can overshadow and cloud our focus. As humans, we are easily overwhelmed with anxiety and fear, perpetuated by the media and those around us, further detracting from what our primary focus should be.

Consider your life and who you believe yourself to be in this moment, now ask yourself- is this the most honest expression of who I am? Can you honestly say that you are not held back by fear or the opinion of others? Very few of us can say this and actually be telling the truth, including me. Like a master sculpture carving away the excess stone, we must also remove the unnecessary rock piece by piece. It is a journey and process, not an immediate expectation or result. As we remove the larger pieces, we must refine and polish, methodically working towards our true nature and expression. Very few, if any reach the point of being a completed masterpiece, but the progress is in the journey itself.

In order to be our true selves we must remove the need to be acknowledged, validated and to care for the opinion of others. We must reduce and obliterate the inclination to feel irrational fear and anxiety, transcending our regressive emotions. We must work to reveal our true nature, then demonstrate that nature through free, unencumbered and authentic expression of self.

Be Yourself ;)