What's Stopping You!!!

Why do so many people settle for a stagnant and boring life. The world has so much to offer, yet the majority of people are happy to stand on the side lines, despite their desire to join the game. A significant emphasis is placed on celebrities and the wealthy class to such an extent, that it would be logical to believe that there has been a deliberate effort to impose a life of vicarious living upon those who do not reside in the above categories. A life of distraction, entertainment and material focus, has people going through life as drones, drones who have been hooked by one dopamine trigger or another for the sake of obedience, conformity, addiction and predictability. Despite this being the case for a great many people, deep down most still yearn for more; more from life, a greater experience, freedom from common constraints and a taste of the good life. That being the case, why do so many feel powerless to effect change in their own lives?

At some point you must ask yourself the question- What's stopping me? So, what is stopping You?

If, upon asking this question you experience a flood and wave of excuses, reasons as to why or why not and a desire to blame something external, you are still a victim of your own conditioning. If we break down some of the most common goals and analyze why we struggle to achieve any of them, it becomes immediately obvious that our primary goal is in fact- escape from reality and truth .

Consider the following goals-

  • Weight loss

  • Wealth

  • Better relationships

  • Greater career success

What answer would explain the reason as to why these particular goals are seemingly unattainable for those who desire them? If asked the question- what is stopping you?- What would people say? Some possible responses may include-

  • I don't have enough time

  • I don't have enough money

  • I have already tried and failed

  • I just know it won't work

All of which are excuses, conjured up by a mind looking for a way out. What people are really saying differs from the outward appearance. In other words

  • I don't have enough time is actually saying I don't have the patience

  • I don't have enough money, means I am not willing to start with less or do what is necessary to acquire the capital

  • I have already tried and failed, simply means there is a limit to the number of attempts I am willing to make towards a goal

  • and I just know it won't work- is likely saying, I am afraid to fail, therefore I will not even make attempt.

This is the reality. The truth is- the only thing holding people back from the goals and desires in life, is their own Mind. A mind conditioned to express in a certain manner and project the inner beliefs of the individual in question. Most people are held back simply because they lack the will to address 3 core requirements of success in nearly all cases. The requirements being-

  • Focus

  • Effort

  • and Patience.

Almost any goal can be achieved if the individual is willing to accept all 3 components with integrity and unwavering intention.

'I can't' is simply a state of mind with a guaranteed outcome of failure.

Instead of 'I can't', you must adopt the state of mind, belief and approach of 'I can and I will'. No matter what the obstacles are, no matter how long it takes, no matter what the sacrifice- I will find a way and I will not stop until I have either succeeded or can say with absolute honesty and integrity, that there is nothing else left for me to do.

The only thing stopping you from achieving your goals and desires, and from creating a life you have only ever dreamed of, is a mind unwilling.