Shallow Entertainment is a Waste of Your Life-

I will start by defining what I consider to be shallow entertainment as not all forms of entertainment are in fact shallow. When speaking of entertainment I am mostly referring to screen based entertainment; this includes, television, social media, video games and anything of a similar nature. The contention isn't solely in the emptiness and lack of substance in these sources of entertainment, but rather the excessive and mindless attention we surrender in the name of cheap amusement. Time is indeed a valuable commodity and one of the few things in life we can never recover, yet so many are willing to sacrifice their time for fleeting spikes of dopamine. Entertainment, like most addictions provides a quick, easy and convenient fix for those who have become hooked. Entertainment addicts are very fortunate or unfortunate depending on your point of view, to have access to an endless line-up of empty, sad, idiotic and mind numbing screen based amusements. However, as previously mentioned, it is not so much the specifics of the entertainment, but rather the precious time wasted glued to a screen. Entertainment does have a place in the modern world, helping us relax, encouraging some social interaction, inspiring us in some instances and making us laugh; but many people end up overdoing it, selling the minutes of their life for pointless distractions.

Although the nature of entertainment has become increasingly meaningless and aimless, the question of individual taste and inclination is not the issue. The issue is- the excessive amount of time spent in front of flashing screens is now taking away the richness, substance and true meaning from the life of the individual. Rather than spending quality time with ones family, or pursuing meaningful goals; many have fallen into a drone state, lost in a sea of distraction and fleeting neurochemically based moments. We live in an age where free time is increasingly rare; the majority of people are racing from one thing to the next, living life on the run. The term 'time poor' has become mainstream, due to the increase in the prevalence of this reality for a great many people. We are often left with minimal time to create, evolve, express, learn and experience in a meaningful and deliberate manner. Instead, we arrive home from our place of work and simply transition into another routine, which for many consists solely of a few hours in front of a screen before going to sleep, only to wake up and repeat the same routine the following day. If we are lucky, we can desperately cram some semblance of a life into the weekend, before we are called back to the matrix to fulfill our duty as a component of the greater machine we call society.

The point of this video is to highlight the need for those who desire more from life, to avoid becoming lost in the empty and meaningless world of shallow entertainment. True fulfillment and richness stems from the authentic development of the individual, honest expression of self, the evolution of ones character and the pursuit of meaning, all of which seldom emerge from fruitless and aimless devotion to entertainment. We must seek to have quality moments and experiences in our life, as well as find time to develop as unique individuals. Shallow entertainment is designed to consume the mind of the individual, to subconsciously encourage conformity and predictability, while at the same time acting as a distraction, diverting ones attention to empty consumerism rather than meaningful pursuits. The nature and prevalence of a mind addicted to shallow entertainment, goes some way in explaining why very few reach the level the success and contentment that they truly desire. Those who understand the nature and value of time, do not seek fleeting amusements in the form of empty entertainment, at least not until their desired level of success has been achieved. The nature of individual greatness and the quality of ones experience is contingent on the portion of time they spend during their lifetime seeking meaningful enrichment as opposed to shallow entertainment.

Consider what you currently do with your time and how much value screen based entertainment adds to your experience. Yes, it is reasonable to want to relax, to laugh and to be entertained, but don't be complacent with your time as the sand in the hourglass eventually ceases to fall. Every minute past is a minute gained or lost- don't waste your life on shallow entertainment.