Control, Manipulation & Influence- An Introduction

Control, Manipulation and Influence; 3 separate but similar aspects of the human experience. This subject area has for the most part been greatly underestimated and ignored by the mainstream, with only notable researchers choosing to focus on these common aspects. The majority of human interaction is designed to have some sort of influence. Despite this being the case, our underlying motivations are seldom obvious and in most cases are difficult to recognise. From the moment we are born, we are biologically hardwired to get what we want through the power of influence. Even a baby has the power to influence their parents without even using words. At this stage, we would still call it influence rather than manipulation or control, as a baby is simply expressing the nature of its biology and has no real intent behind its actions. Unfortunately, this does often change into the more insidious versions of influence, being control and manipulation. Control is actually a result of manipulation and influence, rather than an action designed to influence behaviour. The difference between manipulation and influence is to some extent subjective. The most simple way to view each aspect is from a standpoint of positive versus negative, positive being influence and negative being manipulation. The challenge in defining each is in the individuals perception. Adolf Hitler almost certainly believed he was simply influencing people when he encouraged horrific acts of violence against the innocent. This is a point of view very few would agree with; most would actually see his actions as manipulation and coercion, rather than influence.

The same way an infant may have some influence over their mother, a single individual can have similar influence over the masses. Whether that influence is positive or negative is subjective to the individual. Control, manipulation and influence feature constantly throughout our lives; in numerous areas and from numerous sources, such as-

  • the media

  • individual interactions

  • ideology

  • culture

  • advertising

  • the political environment

  • the workplace

  • within the family

  • and many more

There is no escape for anyone; one way or another you will be influenced, you will be manipulated and you will be controlled, the only differing factor being the extent of the individual behavioural shift.

The question you must now ask yourself is- Am I being influenced, manipulated and controlled and if so, how do inoculate myself against the onslaught?

Deep down we all have an authenticity, which can only be fully expressed when it is freed from the conditioned brain. This authenticity is in fact available to all of us, but very few come close to expressing it in a truly honest form. Our individual authenticity is instead smothered, and drowned by a sea of external influence which is so powerful in effect, that it overwhelms nearly every person on earth. How can we express this inner self when the people around us and the world itself, appears to be bent on shaping us. People are true to their nature indeed, but the nature of most people is in fact false; it has instead become an expression and manifestation of the conditioning undergone throughout life. People believe themselves to be unique individuals, unaware of the effect control, manipulation and influence has had on them during their lifetime. We are not ourselves, but instead a malleable being, shaped by a world that is relentlessly and perpetually influencing us.

To express yourself honestly, you must first become aware of a great many things or be aware of absolutely nothing. Being that it is impossible to be completely unaware, we must seek to improve the former. If you desire a greater sense of self and control in your own life, you must take the time to develop you awareness and understanding of control, manipulation and influence. Only then will you be able to transcend at varying degrees, the constant barrage of behaviour influencing factors encountered throughout your life.

At the very least, I hope this video has encouraged an interest, aroused some suspicion and provoked your thinking. This introduction represents the first video in a series focusing on the joint subject of control, manipulation and influence. If you desire a greater understanding of these areas, I encourage you to follow this channel as it develops further.