Be Receptive

Receptivity is one of the most important requirements for anyone wishing to transform their life, unfortunately, trying to change the non-receptive individual is a difficult if not impossible task indeed. A lack of receptivity is a sure sign of a closed minded individual; a type of unconscious self sabotage. The human Brain and mind is meant to be flexible and malleable, however for a significant number of people it is anything but. The non-receptive individual has in a sense, closed the gateway to development through learning and experience; more accurately they have created an unconscious internal system, which is designed to only allow information and awareness through that meets a certain standard. This standard or criteria is based on negative emotion and the internal ego. The mind will naturally adhere and conform to its conditioning, especially when it's motivated by fear or the protection of a fragile ego. Those who harbor such conditioning are often unaware of the influence their unconscious is having over their ability to remain open minded and receptive to new information. As their mind is bombarded with new information, the information is filtered by the flawed mechanics governing this system. This system does allow some information through, but only if it meets a certain criteria. The new information must not contradict the ego and identity of the individual nor can it promote a state of fear or anxiety. Should any information cast a shadow over the false self perception of the individual or give rise to fear, it will be blocked and deflected.

Once the human mind has been conditioned through to adulthood, it solidifies and hardens, becoming resistant to the external forces thrust upon it by the outside world. The internal belief system is hardwired into the mind of the individual; at this point it has identified and connected with the ego and identity of this person. This is a natural stage of development, but for some it seemingly becomes the final stage of development. The non-receptive individual remains stagnant and static, trapped in a sort of intellectual limbo, where their ability to evolve is confined to the predetermined boundaries set by the conditioned mind. The avoidance of fear and pain compels the mind to preset the trajectory of the information it receives based on the conditioned fears and the ego of the individual.

Imagine trying to give constructive criticism or advice for the purpose of improvement, as is necessary at times. The individual receiving the criticism is faced with the possibility of having their perceived qualities diminished at the hands of another. The internal system cannot allow this to occur, so it brings forth any number of deflective strategies to avoid this event from taking place. The reason this occurs is because of the perceived pain the new information may cause to the individual receiving the criticism. This is especially true if the criticism is aimed at the perceived strengths of the individual in question. The mind of the non-receptive individual is in fact selective in relation to what it allows through to be considered or committed. If the information being received is deemed to be of little to no risk to the ego and fragile identity, and it does not elicit an overwhelming state of fear or anxiety, it will pass though unfettered. However, if the information presents a risk to ones fragile sense of self or promotes fear in the individual, it will be blocked.

It is the unconscious fears within the individual (potentially within you), that hold ones ability to evolve to ransom. Only when you overcome the need to protect your ego and identity, will you be able to evolve. Only when you can cast excessive anxiety and irrational fear aside, will you be able to receive new awareness, knowledge and wisdom. In order to learn, grow and evolve in a dynamic and comprehensive manner, you must open your mind and improve your ability to be receptive to information of all kinds from all potential sources. Only through the cultivation of transcendent awareness will you develop the capacity to overcome the many deflective strategies of the conditioned mind.

No more will you be at the mercy of your selective receptiveness nor will you have the need to deflect, deny, ignore or attack incoming information that would otherwise help you to evolve. A receptive mind should not be biased in what it is willing to receive; it should not be resistant nor selective when considering new information.

There is profound depth to this subject area, worthy of future attention but for the time being, I hope this post serves as an introduction to the subject of receptivity.