Educational Innovation & Evolution Part 1- The Current

The current education model in most developed countries, is only a stones throw from the education model that existed more than a century ago. Of course some things have changed- the subjects, technology, uniforms etc, but fundamentally, is Schooling really that different than it was a century ago?

We have either developed the perfect model or the evolution of education has seriously fallen behind. The question is, whether it is the former or the latter.

I personally believe we are overdue for a revolution in the way we educate the children of the world. The current system has worked well and has served many generations, but times have changed and we must find ways to evolve our thinking, methods and practices. The education system we have been accustomed to, was highly relevant to the industrial era, but is it still as relevant today as it was in the past. During this period of time it was normal to almost manufacture people, developing each person to align to the next. This was perfect in a world where being like-minded, somewhat ignorant and conformative was standard and considered 'normal'. The industrial era represented people power, a large labour force and slowly emerging narrowly defined fields and occupations. By contrast to the jobs and enterprises that exist today, past employment and occupations were simplistic and linear by nature. But times have changed, we live in the age of technology, hyperconnectivity and are moving ever closer to the age of individuality. The systems, structures, methods and even culture from the industrial era, is fading into the past as the new age emerges. People are creating and developing ideas that can now be expressed and manifested into reality and the physical realm. Individuals and the individualistic approach to business or any other venture, has more validity than ever before. It is now possible to market the individual to the same degree as the company or corporation, as the global marketplace grants the individual access to their specific, relevant and interested, client/customer base, no matter where they may be situated on the globe.

So we must ask ourselves the obvious question- If the individual has more power to not only express themselves as individuals, but to also act upon their individual ideas, why do we still insist on an education system, which to a large extent, still manufactures human beings and their thinking?

I am not denying the need to teach the most practical and applicable subjects from the current curriculum, but I am suggesting that it can be done differently. Jamming the minds of children, teens and young adults with stifling and in many cases useless information, is in direct conflict with progress and self expression. Not only does it deny individual expression to some extent, but in most cases a large portion of knowledge and information retained during conventional Schooling is simply forgotten and never finds a place in reality. Instead of algebra, why not applicable economics, instead of chemistry, why not environmental innovation and surely small business development and entrepreneurism should hold a place over a subject like art.

Before I seemingly bash certain subjects and label them as useless, I must express my principle point. The example of the Green School in the above video demonstrates just how innovative, unique and interest specific a School and education system can be. Imagine having the option to attend Schooling at an early age that makes sense, that you identify with, that matches your interests and aligns with your future aspirations. All children exhibit behaviours, which with careful consideration and assessment can be categorised to some extent. Once the innate and authentically expressed behaviour has been assessed, parents could make a more informed decision about which School is most suitable for the individual nature of each child.

Part II - Transforming Education