Mass Manipulation Method 2- Priming the Emotional Mind

The human brain can be separated into three separate but connected regions, the brain stem, the limbic system and the neocortex. Each region roughly represents a certain type of expression.

Brain stem and cerebellum – Instinctive- automatic, fight/flight

Limbic system- emotional- decision, emotion

Neocortex thinking- reason, thought, conscious

Each region has the ability to respond to a stimulus, but this occurs in a certain order and at different speeds. The most primitive structures have the first opportunity to respond, as the associated stimulus in this case has already been perceived to be a threat to the existence of the individual. Next is the limbic system, which responds automatically, based on previous conditioning and perception. Lastly we have the neocortex, the slowest but often the most accurate, deliberate and methodical in response. In this article we will be focusing primarily on the interplay between the limbic system and the neocortex.

When we encounter a piece of information or stimulus of some kind our brain starts the process of interpreting the nature of this message. The fact that we have been preconditioned means the limbic system has the first opportunity to respond as the structure of our thoughts and memories unconsciously inform this system, causing it to react rather than respond. Without the support of the more measured and deliberate neocotex, the limbic system would have greater control over our brain; behaviour would become highly impulsive and reactive. The neocortex has the power to regulate, direct and control the limbic system, but the limbic system can be like a wild animal, which means it often wins this battle. When the limbic system fires our brain is flooded with neurochemicals; when this physiological response reaches a certain threshold, the neocortex will become almost powerless to control the associated behavioural expression.

The question we must answer is- what kind of information, stimulus or manufactured perception would trigger such a flood of emotion? What could cause the limbic system to charge beyond the threshold, effectively stifling and excluding the neocortex from the process?

The answer is, a stimulus that has the power to elicit the most intense and negative of human emotions. Just to qualify- these emotions aren’t actually negative, they are in fact necessary, however the word negative is used to simply describe a set of emotions, which are often considered to be negative. The emotions I am referring to are fear, anger, frustration, envy, jealously and despair.

If such a stimulus could be manufactured and communicated to reach the minds of vulnerable people, it could potentially lead to mass hysteria, not unlike the mass hysteria that drove the mob to accuse and execute innocent women during the witch trials. This is just one example of many, littered throughout history; when human beings become possessed by their own emotional state and behave as if in a state of fight or flight.

Is it possible that this kind of hysteria could exist in the modern era? Could a particular entity deliberately manipulate the masses with carefully calculated and crafted messages designed to trigger an intense and toxic emotional response?

For such a message to work it would almost certainly have to be coupled with the priming of the mind prior to the trigger event. Priming a mind in such a way would require a type of brain washing, as well as a form of perception shaping manipulation. At first appearance this may seem to be an impossible and colossal task, however, history says otherwise and clearly demonstrates through numerous examples the possibility and probability that this could occur. Now we must ask ourselves, if it were actually possible to prime and manipulate the masses in such a way, how would or could it be done?

As previously mentioned, there are two components associated with this kind of manipulation- Priming and the Trigger.

In the case of priming, consider the example of compound stress. A person suffers under the weight of a number of stressors in their life, each adding to the next. Eventually the weight of the stress reaches a threshold and at this point it only takes a seemingly insignificant and minor stressor to trigger an extreme outflow and overflow of emotion and associated behaviour. The key to priming in such a way is to develop a foundation of negative emotion that exists just below the surface. The foundation must be tethered to the identity and values of the individual being manipulated, as well as the associated negative emotion e.g. anger, envy, frustration etc. Once this type of programming has been established you have a mind that exists in an unconscious state of stress, just waiting for the ‘right’ trigger to set it off.

The trigger itself can be far less complicated. It just needs to represent a threat or offense to the primed individual and the response will follow naturally.

How does such an entity prime the minds of so many people? The answer to this is more obvious than it may seem. Consider all the most common sources of information and learning in the present era. Three major sources of information are the media, the internet and the education system. What if those who wield immense power and who hide behind the curtain had control over these different sources of information, could they prime a mind in such a way that it becomes activated and ready for a trigger and once the associated trigger occurs, the mind simply responds. When the mind responds in this way, it responds with emotion rather than reason, which denies the possibility of a conversation occurring or any other reasonable form of communication. Instead what occurs is a reaction, which rides the wave of the associated emotions, whether it is anger, envy, frustration or despair. The entity behind the manipulation must create a narrative that elicits the aforementioned negative emotions and causes an individual to live in a state of powerlessness and unconscious distress. The messages must create an anxiety inducing perception which places pressure directly on these negative emotions and by doing so, shuts down the neocortex.

The result of this process is an unconsciously anxious individual and victim of the world, who has been brainwashed and shaped to perceive in a particular way. Their mind has been groomed in a way that denies them individual power and encourages the perception of individual ineffectiveness. The associated triggers have been set and once they fire, the emotional mind of this person takes over, reacting impulsively while at the same time overwhelming the reason and rational of the neocortex. The reaction of such a person will often be aggressive, excessive, ignorant, idiotic and in some cases violent. In their mind, any extreme behaviours and reactions are immediately justified by their emotional state and the perceived meaning behind it. They believe themselves to be reasonable and in control, however they are anything but. In reality they are simply drones, drones who have been groomed, often over the course of many years via numerous and varied mediums. Their expressed behavior serves a purpose for those who look down upon them, but they seldom realize, as their emotional state has blinded them to reality and shut off the very part of their brain that may have lead to transcendence beyond their conditioned thinking.

Once the thinking mind has been shut down, the emotional mind takes over