The Emergence & Perpetuation of the Regressive Society- Part 1

Several metrics exist that are designed to determine and measure the success of any given society. Although they differ quite significantly in some cases the foundational premise is somewhat aligned. For example, the Social Progress Index or SPI, measures the success of a society based on factors such as economic progress, general wellness and health. Another metric is Gross Domestic Product, often referred to as GDP, which measures the economic success of a society, making economic progress the indicator of success. Based on these metrics and present statistical data, the numbers suggest, that we are improving throughout the world in a number of areas, including- general health and well-being, economic wealth, global equality and life expectancy, as well as a number of other areas. However, beyond the objective numbers belies a truth that seems to elude the superficial reality. There is no doubt that the numbers seem to demonstrate progress and human advancement in several areas, however, I do not believe the human experience can be broken down into such clear and clean numbers. I also believe that by cherry picking particular areas as measures of progress,  we automatically exclude the possibility that we may be getting other important aspects wrong.

I am not writing this article to suggest that the numbers are incorrect, but instead to point to an undercurrent of deception, manipulation and mind control, which is designed to create the illusion of all encompassing success and freedom.

Throughout human history we have succumb to the forces of manipulation and influence, as is the nature of the human experience. We have managed to normalize and become conditioned to the nature of things, as we forge a path forward. The motivation for power and to maintain power permeates the foundations of the world we live in. It is only natural to fall into a social hierarchy; it is an inevitable and a consistent aspect of any given society, but once a particular group rises to the top, are they able to maintain an equitable and reasonable approach to their fellow human beings or is the addiction to power and control too great to resist.

The question is- Are we truly moving forward and evolving as a species or have we succumb to the illusion of progress? And if so, who is behind this illusion?

I have a strong belief in the power of awareness, so much so, that I think it has the potential to create a positive shift for the human race. Around six years ago, I had the belief that having access to vast swathes of information via the internet would soon lead to an age and era of greater awareness for all people, and this age of awareness would bring people together, manifesting in a positive and progressive manner. I was wrong and somewhat naïve to have had such a thought. I ignored the obvious possibility that we could regress and lose our path to some extent, which I believe we have.

The current era may actually be a necessary component and stage, which must be endured and tested to advance human progress. I am also aware of the fact that the apparent pessimism and cynicism in this article may be reminiscent of the message outlined in the 'Unabomber Manifesto', which to be quite frank, isn’t a connection I desire. For now, I ask that you reserve judgment and allow me to state my case before committing to any assumptions.

The truth is, we are living to some degree in a real life Matrix. Yes, just like the movie we are being sold an experience and illusion that has diverted our trajectory to what I believe to be a regressive pathway. Human perception has been hijacked on a large scale and only the most aware of people are able to transcend this illusion.

In this series of articles, I will outline the regressive approaches, practices and influence behind what I believe to be a regression into a more primitive, controlled and manipulated state of existence. To set this premise, I have included the below list of subject areas. We will investigate each area to determine its validity, to provoke thought, to improve awareness and to expose a possible truth hidden below the surface.

How to derail true evolution of the species.

Part 2- The system of power, a brief history- In this part, we will take a look at the past in order to highlight the vulnerability of the human condition. We will look at examples of mass manipulation, deception and control as a form of evidence, further reinforcing the assumption and premise, that these practices still exist in the present era.

Part 3- Stealing Silence and attention- In this part, we will investigate how technology has stolen two of the most valuable aspects of the human experience- silence and attention. The periods of natural silence represent opportunity for introspection and mindfulness, but we have lost these important moments on a large scale. Our attention has been diverted to material and superficial addictions, priming us for the onslaught of manipulative forces. The overall effect is a lack of awareness and the regression of individual development.

Part 4- Manipulated Ignorance- One of the most powerful ways to control, shape and channel human behavior is to maintain, manipulate and condition people into a state of mass ignorance. An ignorant mind is a vulnerable mind and a vulnerable mind can be influenced easily.

Part 5- Eliciting States (the emotional mind)- The human brain has evolved in way that places emotion in a biological position, that allows it to override reason. The unconscious mind reigns supreme and is highly susceptible to deliberate influence and manipulation. Are our emotions being used against us in the present era and have they been throughout all human history? Is the biology of the human brain being exploited beyond our awareness? These are the questions we will attempt to answer in this section.

Part 6- Propaganda- Has superficial information become propaganda for the purpose of power and control? Are we in control of our own thinking and perception or have we been deceived into believing the perception that has been handed to us?

Part 7- False Idols- Who should we model if we desired the true evolution of the species? Should it be the celebrities we see everyday on the television and online, or should it be the pioneers, creators and workers? Are we encouraging a shallow, entitled and empty trajectory for future generations?

Part 8- A Tradition of structured control- Has our economic, cultural and social systems been refined in a way that cannot be improved upon? Have we accepted a kind of status quo based on the false premise that it could only get worse? Is there a risk that deliberate improvement may actually have regressive results? We must look at the current approaches in all societies to determine and refine the most desirable and realistic approaches possible.

Part 9- The addicted human- The biology of human beings is one of neurochemical addiction. But has this biological aspect been hijacked and manipulated to control and channel our behavior? Are our addictive inclinations responsible for much of our suffering?

Part 10- Technology the evolutionary falsehood- We have been placed in a technological race, particularly in the developed world. We have made it necessary and essential for the advancement of all humankind, but in the process have we lost our way, confusing true evolution of the species with technological evolution?

The purpose of this series isn’t to highlight an absolute truth or reality, but rather the possibility of an existing undercurrent.

Is there validity to each of the above areas, and if so, have we been manipulated into believing a lie? Have we hit our peak as a species? Is the current trajectory of the human race optimal as far as evolution and advancement are concerned? Are we seeing clearly, or are we seeing and perceiving a manufactured illusion? These are just some of the questions we will attempt to answer in this series.