The Motive Behind Information

Objective and factual information has generally been considered to be relatively accurate and untainted. There have of course been times throughout history when this wasn’t the case, where false or misleading information was used to manipulate and influence the people- this is one of those times.

Consider the most common sources of information- parents, mainstream media, social media, the Internet and the education system. What if any or all of these sources of information had been corrupted and polluted by a secondary factor? What if this particular factor had the effect of altering and shifting the nature of objective information- would it alter the minds and therefore behavior of the people receiving this information? The factor I am speaking of is motive.

Most, if not all information in our current time could be considered tainted to a large or minor extent. Information has now picked up a tag along component, that component being - motive. The information age has lead to the realization that whoever controls information, controls the minds of the masses.

We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.

~Edward Bernays

The will to power and profit has overcome the minds of those who control the information we receive. Any earlier more admirable motivations have been quelled and silenced as the desire to amass great power and vast wealth poisons the minds of those making the decisions. All systems of information have been contaminated in one way or another; the negative influence on objective information is persistent and inescapable. Human biology has now been turned against us, exploited and manipulated often beyond superficial awareness. Our senses now deceive us and the biological mechanisms governing the human brain have been tapped into. The perception of free will, decision and action blinds us to the truth lurking beneath the surface- that we are no longer in control. Our susceptibility to addiction is so significant that it is able to overcome even some of the most aware minds.

Motive is the parasite that shifts the objectivity and accuracy of the information we receive. Information cannot remain intact when it is shared, spread or taught whilst coupled with a hidden motivation. The moral mind cannot resist the piercing forces of opulence, indulgence and decadence, along with the desire for power. The motive and desire for such things drives the powerful into depravity, delusion, self-righteousness and self-deception. They become lost or so completely addicted to power and wealth that they lose touch with reality, morality and the interconnectedness of all beings. They can no longer see others as equals, instead the masses become pawns and objects to be manipulated at will.

It is important to inoculate yourself against the onslaught of manipulative and tainted information. To do this we must understand that the information we receive in the current era has been corrupted to some degree. Recognise the fact that information has a close companion; that companion being ‘motive’ and that nearly all information has a motive behind it. The motive itself is hidden underneath a number of layers of deliberate planning, strategy and manipulative tactics, designed to blind us and deny true awareness. To accept information at face value, without question, is to accept the capitulation of free will, the rejection of greater awareness and perpetuation of stifling ignorance.

Always choose to assess, confirm, analyze, cross-reference, research and understand the information you receive before you choose to believe or act upon it. Thinking that you are beyond the manipulative forces being imposed upon you, is a sure sign that you are being manipulated.

We truly lose ourselves when we become the creation of someone else.