Ultimate Self Development

Transform your life through the power of your mind

Ultimate Self Development is a program designed with the purpose of transforming your life. If you are looking for a complete overhaul or just an opportunity to improve and develop yourself further, this is the course for you. What distinguishes this system from others is that it builds you from the ground up and provides the necessary tools to navigate the common challenges faced by anyone who attempts to improve their state of mind and life outcomes.

"The deliberate development of self paves the path for great transformation in your life"

The Ultimate Self Development program consists of FOUR core areas that are designed to take you from struggle to success. Each model is made up of several carefully  considered components to maximize the result of your transformation.

Core Areas

THE PRESENT- Orientate to the present moment, understand your behavioural patterns as well as your strengths and weaknesses.

PRIMING- Prepare your mind for transformative change and weed out some common false beliefs.

​9 KEYS TO TRANSFORMATION-  Learn the 9 transformative keys that form the foundation of change and possibility in your life.

INFLUENTIAL AWARENESS-  Understand some of the most common and influential areas of self development and learn how to make them work for you. 

Learn how to overcome unhelpful patterns of thinking and to harness the power of your mind

I know how it feels to be stuck and confused, feeling like it is hopeless, unsure of how to create the life I felt I deserved. I had to build my awareness and learn the strategies that would encourage the true potential that existed within me. Creating a better life and a better you isn't a chance occurrence, it is choice made possible with deliberate and consistent effort. The Ultimate Self development training will help you build the necessary awareness, practices, habits and mindset to not only overcome unhelpful thinking, but to also unleash the potential that exists within you.

Message from the Creator

I would like to welcome you to the Evolution Through Awareness experience and encourage you to continue your self development journey. The process for my own transformation was initially accidental and somewhat confusing, which is exactly why I created this training for people looking to make a big change in their life. I have cleared the path forward and developed a system that is easy to follow, practical and most importantly effective. The reason why you are here is because you are curious and at some level you want to improve yourself and your circumstances- this is your opportunity to shift the trajectory in your life to one of happiness, success, health and fulfillment.


                                                                                  Ashley Killin



What you will learn

The power of Awareness

How to develop greater awareness

How to break through difficult patterns of thinking

How to cultivate an open mind

How to prepare your mind

The 9 Transformational keys

How to build powerful habits

How to identify the triggers that sabotage your progress

A powerful daily motivational routine