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Project Awareness is a movement towards a better, brighter future. Using the power of awareness and emotional intelligence, it is our intention to influence human behaviour in order to create a positive shift moving forward. Human beings have the capacity to achieve amazing things but in many cases this potential is rejected for a more instinctive, selfish and impulsive type of existence. We are conditioned to be positive and negative, good and bad and in some cases neutral. The question is, what could tilt the human species towards positive and good rather than negative and bad. I believe the answer is Awareness.


To promote a happier, healthier and more meaningful state of existence for all people through positive principles and foundations.

To provide honest education through awareness, emotional intelligence and positive conditioning.

To re-establish the path forward based on a foundation of positive motivation and a connection to a system of values. 



A Future of Potential

Is Utopia more than a dream?

The argument against utopia is an obvious one. Utopia is a fantasy that does not and could not ever exist, such is the flawed condition of the human species. But isn't Utopia simply just a subjective view to perfection? Isn't it similar to happiness and success in life, being that is it defined subjectively?

It is important to understand that within this subjectivity exists common ideas, themes and visions of what Utopia might look like, and it is this common human perception of utopia that sets the goal to be pursued. Utopia is no different to perfection, it is to be pursued but never attained and this is precisely the point. Rather than dismissing the idea of a utopian future, wouldn't it make more sense to define and then work toward such a worthy goal and by doing so manifest a conceivable future worthy of our children and generations to come?

Values to Live by

Every culture, society and ideology is founded upon a set of moral values. It is the values that set the tone and trajectory of any society. The challenge in a system of values is in the fact that such a system can only function when the majority of the population align to these values. A value system isn't about blind adherence or control, but is instead an agreement between all people to align with certain moral standards to ensure a safe, healthy and fulfilling existence. The great thing about a value system, is that it is generally logical, intuitive and something nearly all reasonable people would agree upon. The system of values for any society forms the foundation of that collective group and is therefore the principal consideration in creating a better, brighter and happier future for all.

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Awareness is the key to the door of truth. The human state is one of automatic conditioned behaviour, which means that we are all destined to follow the path of our conditioned behaviour with very little change in trajectory or expression. Although some manage to transcend this biological state of being, many do not, remaining trapped in behavioural loops that in some cases perpetuate everything that is 'wrong' with the world we live in. In most cases these individuals are not at fault but are in a sense simply victims of their own mind. So how to we unlock the mind of a heavily condition person. Through Awareness. Only through awareness do we have the capacity to create a deliberate shift in our lives, transforming our individual experience and shaping the experiences of others in the process.

Positive Conditioning

Approximately 95% of our behaviour is actually automatic, meaning we are not in conscious control or our thoughts, actions and decisions. We are creatures of habit to a far greater degree than most people realise. Human beings are conditioned through their experiences and learning, but what if their experiences and learning are either negative or misleading? What would occur, is an outward expression, which in effect pollutes society and the world at large. If an individuals conditioning causes them to develop a negative state, then they will project this state outwards, affecting other people and the associated environment. We have to consider how 'negative' emotions influence the world we live in, the people around us and our own experience of life. Human expression generally adheres to both light and dark emotional and intellectual expression.

On the light side we have aspects such as- patience, understanding, calm, happiness, love, empathy, excitement, curiosity and on the dark side- anger, envy, jealousy, fear, regret, shame, guilt, hate and anxiety.

It is essential for us as a species to promote learning and experience from the light side of our minds, to encourage happiness, health, success and meaning in life. The current models of learning, social structures and systems are partially focused on conditioning susceptible individuals to negative expression. For this reason, a far greater emphasis must be placed upon awareness, emotional intelligence, well-being and quality of experience.

Emotional Intelligence

Upon examination, it should be obvious to most that an emotionally intelligent individual and society would lead to a more positive experience for all. Emotional intelligence has not been established and a mainstream approach to human conditioning. If we consider what makes an individual emotionally intelligent, qualities such as empathy, patience, understanding, individual and social awareness, self-control and the ability to reserve judgement, it would be reasonable to assume that a emotionally intelligent society would almost certainly be a better society. For this reason, we must reconsider and redevelop our approach to learning and interaction. Emotional intelligence should be at the forefront of learning and conditioning to ensure a greater quality of existence for all.

Honest Education

We are currently experiencing confusion and regression through a misguided and in some cases tainted education system. An objective and honest approach has been replaced and polluted by a politically motivated, egotistical, self indulgent, ideological and misleading curriculum. Human bias has now entered the system and is responsible for the regressive development of many children, teens and young adults, into highly erratic, ill informed, emotionally sensitive, indoctrinated and brainwashed human beings. The pathway to honest self expression and authentic manifestation of identity has been subverted by the very institutions that should be encouraging it. Although the foundations within the educational curriculum are still relevant and necessary, the peripheral learning has become toxic and overwhelming.

Positive Motivations

The Utopian vision is not one to be attained absolutely, but rather an ideal to pursue. Through our imagination we have the ability to envision a future that encourages to greatest potential for everyone to experience life in a positive way. Using this vision we can trace our motivations to the present to determine whether they are in fact correct and progressive rather than regressive in effect. A positive existence based on the conventional understanding of utopia means less poverty, less violence, fair access to a reasonable standard of living, a clean environment, less pollution and a better world in general. Considering where our present motivations may lead is essential in planning a path forward towards a better brighter future for all.

Ripple effect

Just as negativity ripples and gives rise to violence, anger, hate and toxic expression, positive ripples can have the opposite effect. It is essential to share positive teachings and lessons to encourage a positive ripple effect. We all desire a better future and it can be achieved, but only through positive energy.